Early Check in?

Our check in time is normally 14:00 h but if we do not have guest the same day leaving you could also ask for an earlier check in.

Can you drink the water from the tab?

Water in Cape town is in really good quality you can use it for cooking, tea and coffee, to brush your teeth

Are there sharks in the table bay?

There are a lot sharks around the cape, but most of them are not dangerous, the dangerous white sharks are only in the Falsebay near Muizenberg ,so far there is no record for an shark attack in the table bay.  

Opening hours of the shops?

General the opening hours of the malls are between 9-19:00 h on week days, on holy days most of the time until 14:00h. 

Where can I shop the best things?

There are two very big shopping malls next to the apartment one is the Canal Walk (the biggest mall in ZA) and the Victoria Wharf near the water front.If you like to buy good food you can either go to Woolworth or to the near by Food Lover both is excellent for food.

Is there any good Hospital near by?

The next very good hospital, even better than German standard is the Milnerton Medi Clinic just 5 driving minutes away from the penthouse.

Is there any good bakery?

Most of the good supermarkets specially Woolworth are having quite good bread and rolls but there is one German bakery in Milnerton: SchwarzBrotGold ( www.schwarzbrotgold.co.za ) with really nice bread and rolls.

Is there Internet access in the apartment?

Sorry there isn't because the cable Internet is not so fast, so you better buy a LTE Vodacom SIM card with data and airtime at the airport upon you arrival.

What electric plugs do I need ?

In ZA they are using the 3 pin plug, so if your electric devices do not have that we have a few adaptors for European electrics in the apartment and if you need more you can easily buy them for a few Rands in the super market.